For our A/V Partners

Are you tired of dealing with awkward transitions between presentations?
Are you still advancing every slide for each presenter?
The Presenter by Digital Motion solves all that and more!

Now, you can achieve seamless transitions between presenters and gain the control you need to produce flawless virtual events with The Presenter by Digital Motion.

The Presenter integrates with your virtual meeting production with these easy steps:

  1. Upload the PowerPointâ„¢ presentations to The Presenter Playlist.
  2. The Player is joined to your Zoom call (or production system) at the start of the show.
  3. Assign control to each presenter at the start time of their presentation, per your run of show.
  4. Each presenter has the ability to view their speaker notes for each slide and use a remote control to advance their own slides.
  5. Two or more presenters are able to advance slides on the same presentation remotely.
  6. You can relax knowing you have elevated the quality of the event for your client!

Join our beta program or reach out to us to learn more or try it for yourself!