No more screen sharing.

Seamless Presentation Transitions.
Multiple Remote Speakers.
Superior Control.

Virtual meetings can be awkward.

Give your attendees the engaging
experience they deserve.

Now, you can add elevated quality to any virtual event or meeting!
"The Presenter" is a shared presentation platform that eliminates awkward lags
and pauses allowing for more interaction and control between presenters 
Unlimited Presenters from anywhere will have remote control access
to presentations from a central playlist for superior control.

How it works:

  • PowerPoint™ presentations are uploaded and added to a playlist

  • The meeting host assigns presenters to
    specific presentations in the playlist

  • Our Player joins the Zoom (or other) call and
    the meeting host starts the presentation

  • Each presenter has the ability to view their speaker notes for each slide and use a remote control to advance their own slides

  • Two or more presenters can advance slides
    on the same presentation remotely

  • You will be a rockstar because your virtual meeting was awesome!

Client Reviews

“The Presenter” by Digital Motion is getting rave reviews...
"The ability to have multiple people control the slides in a sales presentation is something I need almost daily when pitching our solution..."
Quant HUB
“The Presenter” made myself and the presenters comfortable that their presentations will indeed work.” “When I heard them say, “Okay it’s up on my screen now, Yep, this is great, That made me very relieved.”“The (event) was a success and so that makes me very happy.”
Production Manager Encore Medical Education

"I can't tell you how many times we have had meetings where we had to deal with the awkward hand-off between multiple presenters...During critical presentations, it is critical to keep the audience captivated. That's where The Presenter really delivers."
Director of Technical Operations | Daxko

Monthly memberships for every sized meeting!

The Bronze

1-5 Presenters
Up to 5 Presentation hours
Virtual Monthly Memberships
starting at $35.00/month
Additional hours $15/hour

Perfect For:
Remote Team Meetings
Committee Meetings
Board Meetings

The Silver

1- 7 Presenters
Up to 10 Presentation hours
Virtual Monthly Memberships
starting at $50.00/month
Additional hours $12/hour

Perfect For:
Corporate Conferences
Awards Ceremonies
Sales Meetings

The Gold

1-10 Presenters
Up to 25 Presentation hours
Virtual Monthly Memberships
starting at $99.00/month
Additional hours $8/hour

Perfect For:
CE Programs
Industry Conferences
Sales Conventions


Unlimited Presenters
Run your own Players
Dedicated Instances
Contact Us For Pricing

Perfect For:
AV Vendors
Production Houses

"Audience engagement is the largest challenge when it comes to virtual events..."

Markletic, 60 Incredible Virtual Event Statistics, January 19, 2021

Transform your virtual meetings from awkward to seamless today!

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